Get Your Wood Deck Paradise

The experts at Harrisburg Decks prefer wood to build a deck with. It just has that amazing look to it. Typically all around Dauphin County we see that wood decks are really common. Usually, the material cost for lumber is much less expensive than composite varieties. Wood really is a great choice for a lot of homeowners. The main difference between wood and composite is that wood does require some regular maintenance. It won’t rot because it is pressure treated, but you still need to do things like stain it, clean it and seal it so your structure lasts for many years. 

It’s time to refresh your backyard and get to entertaining friends and family with a new wood deck. Reach out to us now so we can answer any questions you have and get out there for your free estimate today. We’re your go-to deck erectors serving Harrisburg and the surrounding region. 

Sure, it has some upkeep to it. But a wood deck can give you the natural oasis you crave for your yard. And the average lifespan of wood decks is about 15 to 20 years if you give it the tender loving care it needs. Why choose a wood deck?

  • Typically the cost of materials is lower so it makes it more affordable
  • It’s a more natural feel since you’re using lumber, the material used by humans for centuries
  • The pressure-treatment make the wood resistant to rotting

Are you ready to host those parties out on your amazing natural wood deck and be the envy of your neighbors? Then it’s time to give us a call so we can help you take the next step towards making it a reality. Call now so you can get on our schedule, slots are filling up fast as more and more homeowners are choosing lumber as their material of choice! 

Wood Structure with a patio on a house.
Beautiful red structure attached to a house.
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